5 Home Cleaning Tips for People with Pets

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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened,” Anatole France, French poet, journalist, and novelist

If you’re a cat mom like me, you understand how you couldn’t get by without cuddling your fur baby a few times every day. My kitty Pickles is a natural snuggle bug from as soon as I get home until it’s time for bed – and even after I fall asleep!

The same rings true for dog parents. As American naturalist Roger Caras once said, “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” It’s so true about all of our furry, feathered, or scaly friends!

As pet owners, we take on a lot of responsibility with our loving creatures. But we have to take extra care of our homes, too, because many of our pets can be messy. Keeping a clean home will make your living space more comfortable for both of you, so in honour of National Pet Day (April 11) and National Pet Month in May, here are five tips that can help with your pet cleaning lifestyle!

Stay on top of messes

Housebreaking is crucial in pet training, but accidents happen, especially in the early days. To avoid the mess from staining your rugs or carpets, clean it up as quickly as possible. Try covering the spot with layers of paper towels and newspaper and apply pressure, repeating the process until the area is almost dry. Then, clean the spot thoroughly with cool water, blotting out as much water as possible with paper towels.

For those messy eaters who spill water and food out of their bowls as they chomp away, use pet-friendly placemats to make cleanup easier. You can find adorable placemats at almost any discount store.

Keep fur under control

After snuggling with Pickles, he seems to leave more fur on me than he takes with him! Lint rollers are a powerful weapon against loose pet hair on clothes, furniture, drapes, and carpets between vacuuming. Some lint rollers are scented for an extra bit of freshness. Keep a sweeping tool like a Swiffer handy to trap and lock any stray fur on hard floor surfaces.

Wouldn’t it be nice to keep most of the loose fur in one spot and not all over the place? I do this by brushing Pickles daily, limiting where the fur flies. You can use traditional pet combs and brushes or a de-shedding glove, which Pickles loves!

A person drying off their cocker spaniel's paws after cleaning them in a bathtub.

Give them a footbath

If you walk your pet or let it roam in the backyard, it might track dirt into your home, leaving little muddy footprints behind. You can prevent this by giving them a footbath as soon as they enter. Be sure to dry their paws before letting them into the rest of the house.

You can also buy the cutest dog booties to keep dog paws clean outside. Many are washable, so you can throw them in the laundry with your pet’s bedding, blankets, and any other linens they regularly use to remove dirt, hair, and odours.

Play with your pet!

Hee! This is my favourite tip! Playing with your pet keeps them happy and engaged and less likely to cause spills. That’s because after indoor or outdoor playtime they tend to be more relaxed and less likely to shred a box of Kleenex, dig into your potted plants, or unstuff your couch cushions.

After play, be sure to wash your pet’s toys regularly to remove dirt, saliva, and bacteria. I use mild soap and water to clean the toys and rinse them thoroughly before giving them back to Pickles to play with again.

Keep the air clean

If you hate the smell of dirty cat litter, your cat hates it even more! Cats love to be clean, and that extends to their litter tray. Be sure to scoop it out every day and add a layer of clean litter on top to keep the air smelling fresh and help your cat feel more comfortable.

You can also use an air purifier with a HEPA filter to help remove pet dander, hair, and odours from the air. To get the best effect, place the purifier in rooms where your pets spend the most time.

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I hope these tips help keep your home clean and fresh for both you and your precious fur babies. See you next time!

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